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Welcome to the world of living NFT characters, each of whom is unique and has his own mask and character traits.Each character has a story to tell you in our metaverse. Join us and become part of something big.

Street Art
Street Art

Street Art

0.01 ETH



0.01 ETH

Coming Soon...

In the future we plan to make our characters in 3D from the "SpecialMasks" collection to use them as avatars for the meta universe. A new 3D SpecialMasks collection will be created for this purpose, and all of the NFTs will be distributed to the owners of the first collection.

Coming Soon...
NFT Collection Info

NFT Collection Info

SpecialMasks collection of 215 unique characters. On the basis of the characters will be created 3D collection with the meta universe. SpecialMasks owners will receive a lot of bonuses: a 3d character mask, a free nft logo and you can also participate in our raffle illustrations. Hurry up and become a part of our project. All masks are divided into four types - price (total masks): Common - 0.01 ETH (120 masks), Premium - 0.015 ETH (60 masks), Rare - 0.02 ETH (30 masks), Legendary - 0.03 ETH (5 masks)



Creating SpecialMasks Collection

Development and creation of the project SpecialMasks.The project includes 215 different in appearance and type of NFT characters.


SpecialMasks Logo Animated

The first step in 3d. Created an animated collection logo. They will be distributed to SpecialMasks owners. It will be something like a badge of distinction.


Minted 100% SpecialMasks

Giveaway 4 SpecialMasks to owners, Giveaway 4 SpecialMasks to Twitter Subscribers and Discord Server Members, Bonus giveaway ETH to owners of SpecialMasks


50% ETH Donation

50% of the following sales will go to the humanitarian aid fund for residents of Ukraine affected by the Russian Federation's military actions! (Ukraine Crypto Donation - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14)


3D SpecialMasks

The moment when simple drawings become alive and find freedom. Creating avatars for the metaverse of SpecialMasks characters.



Coming soon ....

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the NFTs of the common, premium, rare, and legendary types?

All characteristics except Type are listed to describe the art a little bit and they do not have a certain amount. That is, we do not have a goal to create 100 male, 100 female and 15 robots, so there are rare characteristics such as "–°haracter- Mystical" or "–°haracter - Puppet". The determining factor is the division by Type. It takes much longer to create "Rare" and "Legendary" than "Common" and "Premium", and the artist also puts more meaning into them. But the most important thing is the advantage that the owner will receive, i.e. for the owners of "Rare" and "Legendary" more events are prepared, giveaways and gifts. And in general, I adhere to the idea that each illustration can be a separate and as an element of the collection.

How can I get animovane logo?

You will receive an animated logo when you purchase an NFT from the SpecialMask collection. But it is important to clarify that this must be a primary purchase, not a resale..

What does the owner of the SpecialMasks get, besides the NFT itself?

In addition to the NFT itself, you get the collection's logo, as well as the NFT(avatar for Metaverse) from another 3D SpecialMasks collection. In addition, you will be able to participate in various raffles for owners and receive various bonuses.

Why is the process of making new NFTs into a collection long?

Well, unlike generative collections, the process of creating a new character takes time, it's all about inventing, drawing, and conceptualizing. It's all done by hand. Both options have their pros and cons.


So, first, we want to create avatars, as well as create a lore of our universe. Then the implementation of the virtual earth and the game. Yes, it sounds very fantastic, but we will do everything possible and impossible for this. We just need faith in our abilities and also your support for our motivation!!!

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